Critical Infrastructure Priority Projects

IDProjectDescriptionDesignerBudgetStage Gate
1CWP-01Wallace Interceptor at Boggy BayouAFJMC$3,000,000 Detailed Design
2CWP-02North Pierre Lift Station Roof RepairKSA$73,700 Post-Construction
3CWP-03Stoner Lift Station Emergency RepairBalar Associates$1,475,000 Construction
4CWP-04Amiss Ozone ImprovementsBurns and McDonnell$36,500,000 Bid & Award
5CWP-05North Regional WWTP- Levee Repair #2Coyle Engineering$200,000 Preliminary Design
6CWP-06Southern Trace Lift StationBKI$300,000 Bid & Award
7CWP-07North Regional WWTP-Levee Repair #1Coyle Engineering$157,192 Bid & Award
8CWP-08City Wide Point RepairTBD$15,000,000 Preliminary Design
9CWP-09Lucas and North Field WWTP ImprovementsBalar Associates$6,850,000 Alternatives
10CWP-10Public Landing Lift Station ImprovementsRaley & Associates$700,000 Bid & Award
11CWP-11Stratmore Lift Station RehabilitationHalff Associates$700,000 Preliminary Design
12CWP-12Lift Station Rehabilitation PackageBKI$13,000,000 Conceptual Design
13CWP-14Sludge Farm FacilityKSA$3,703,000 Detailed Design
14CWP-15Golf Link Drive SewerCity of Shreveport$312,000 Post- Construction
15CWP-16719 Edwards Sewer Main RehabilitationTBDTBDAlternatives
16CWP-17Exposed Sewer Mains in Bayou Pierre (Business Park)KSA$650,000 Conceptual Design
17CWP-35McNeil Slope Stability ImprovementsTBDTBDScoping
18CWP-36City Wide Inflow ProtectorsTBDTBDScoping
19CWP-37Caddo Bossier Port Point RepairTBD$720,000 Scoping